Providing exclusive insights and invaluable knowledge

UMS Conferences events feature panel discussions, case studies, presentations, interactive workshops, and break-out sessions that highlight trending topics in numerous fields. We bring together leading industry experts who share critical insights into current challenges, opportunities and solutions. Our sessions deliver hands-on knowledge and vital information that help attendees make more informed decisions.

Helping people connect

We at UMS Conferences believe that nothing stimulates great ideas and inspiration more than a one-on-one discussion. That’s why our events include multiple networking sessions and gala receptions, where attendees can reconnect with peers and interact directly with industry leaders. Our events encourage attendees to partake in discussions with the most influential trendsetters and decision makers in their industry, enabling them to expand their network and discuss business opportunities at leisure

Celebrating achievements

UMS Conferences is committed to recognising the efforts of the best, the brightest and the boldest in their field. We salute the risk-takers, the innovators and the groundbreakers through our various award functions. With award and recognition platforms such as the Oman Banking & Finance Awards and the Digital Excellence Awards, we seek to honour the pioneers and visionaries who have transformed their respective industries.

Showcasing the latest technologies and solutions

We understand how crucial it is to keep pace with new and emerging trends in any industry. Staying ahead is essential to an organisation’s success, while falling behind will almost certainly result in failure. Our events feature live product demonstrations and technology showcases so attendees can discover the latest solutions first and retain their competitive edge.